●  Import License for Dual-use Items and Technologies

The Dual-Use Item refers to Sensitive Items(both military and Public) and Precursor Chemicals. Dual-Use Items and Technologies

refers to Sensitive Items and Technologies, Precursor Chemicals, and Others.

Among them: Sensitive Items and Technologies = Nuclear and Nuclear Items and Technologies, Biological Dual-Use Items and Technologies, Chemical Dual-Use Items and Technologies, Monitoring Chemicals and Missile-related Items and Technologies;

Precursor Chemicals = Chemicals that can be used to make drugs.

The Dual-Use Item and Technology import(export) license is a permit to import(export) goods in the Catalogue for the Administration of Import(export) Licenses for Dual-Use Items and Technologies.
Streamway Dual-Use Items and Technology licenses are fully qualified, and we have all kinds of Sensitive Items and Technology business registrations and certificates.
Q: - What is one batch one certificate.

A:    The import and export licenses can be used only one time in the specified period. 

       Dual-use items and technology licenses are also “one batch one certificate”.

Q: - Which precursor chemicals require Dual-Use Items and Technology licenses

A: There are many types of precursor chemicals that are difficult to summarize. If the customer have an exact product name, please feel free to contact us. Our company will inform you in detail of the classification and required documents.

Q: - How long it takes for processing?
A: According to the classification of import and export products, the approval process and time of Dual-Use Items are very different, generally 5-30 working days, depending on the specific product.
If you have any questions about the import and export of such products, please contact us. We can give you the most professional and reasonable answers.
Look forward to cooperating with you!
●  Various types of licenses that may appear in the customs clearance process

Hazardous Chemicals Business: Precursor Drug Filing// License For Dual-Use Items And Technologies Of PRC// Import Coating 

Certificate// Dangerous Goods Certification of Hazard Class (can be handled) and Dangerous Goods Certification of Label (can be handled)

Other Types of Commodities Business: Food Hygiene Certificate// Dangerous Goods Certification of Safe Transportation(can be handled) Cosmetics Certificate(can be handled)// CCC certification of products outside the directory// Automatic Import License("O" certificate)
Commodities H.S. code: Commodity Pre-Categorization (can be handled)

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